DevClever’s Acquisition of Veative Labs

Chris Jeffries


Dev Clever is delighted to announce a key breakthrough towards transforming the career and learning landscape for schools and learners worldwide. The experts in careers innovation have signed a Head of Terms agreement with Veative Labs, a leader in VR STEM learning experiences, for future consolidation. The proposal will see Dev Clever acquire Veative Labs and its assets to greatly enhance the introduction of a transformational programme of career-focused learning, to be offered to the global schools market.

Combining Solid Frameworks in Careers and Learning 

This acquisition will capitalise on bringing two robust frameworks together: Dev Clever’s Launch Your Career, a platform built on personalised careers discovery, and Veative Labs’ STEM learning modules. This powerful combination will enable school leaders and career advisors across the world the mobility to enrich, support and shape the success of their learners as they prepare to enter the world of work.

The purpose of this is to help learners find careers that they are best suited to and begin on a learning path to that goal. However, to get there, they will need to know what that entails. Therefore, each student will be empowered to understand their personality type. They will learn more about who they are. They will connect with their strengths, growth potential, and delve into learning motivators to see why certain careers and how certain learning may be a good fit. These learners will also come to understand more about LMI data, study pathways and the learning elements necessary to help them achieve their goals.

All of these components can be recorded and used to a learner’s advantage. For example, they might share learning achievements with institutions of higher learning and prospective employers, tilting the scale in their favour by demonstrably displaying their journey towards that career of choice. Moreover, in today’s challenging employment environment, it helps to give learners insight and an edge over their competition.

Taking Career Experiences to Another Level

The acquisition of Veative Labs will lead to profound advancements in the virtual and online career guidance space. Co-founded by Ankur Aggarwal in 2016, Veative Labs has been delivering AR/VR experiences in 25 countries and comes with the world’s largest library of curriculum-aligned, interactive STEM modules for education. In addition to this, they offer virtual tours, industrial training, and an English Language Learning series. Merging those enrichments with Launch Your Career will help Dev Clever create a global ecosystem for education.

Through this acquisition, Ankur Aggarwal will join Dev Clever’s board of directors, alongside its founder Chris Jeffries, to optimise the delivery of careers guidance worldwide. Aside from the innovative VR content Veative Labs brings to the table, their data-driven analytics platform is complemented by 3rd party content from creative partners in the immersive learning sector. Once aligned with Dev Clever’s advanced psychometric testing, Launch Your Career will become the go-to career platform for educators, globally.

Having maintained a successful partnership with Chris Jeffries and Dev Clever, Ankur Aggarwal has supported the development of Launch Your Career’s STEM-based experiences. This will help students discover their learning motivators in relation to their career aspirations and interests. Knowing what motivates them helps students make the right choices. Likewise, Veative Labs’ virtual tours are already proving to be a huge hit with both students and educators. With this technology, colleges are taking their open days to a whole new level. 

When the merger is signed, Dev Clever will begin to incorporate Veative Labs’ interactive content into its careers platform to create an accessible experience for schools, learners, and prospective employers.

Rocketing Engagement Around the World

Led by Chris Jeffries, Launch Your Career has been raising the standards for careers guidance, bringing remarkable career discoveries to learners. In the UK alone, feedback from participating schools has shown an impressive level of engagement. One school witnessed a 147% increase in learners feeling more confident, informed, and engaged in careers, guidance, and knowing what their next steps will be. In return, more students were making better choices for the future, making it easier for schools and advisors to support them.

Moreover, feedback on the Launch Your Career platform has been overwhelmingly positive, with 94% of learners saying the platform was helpful in finding the right career for them. Likewise, 89% of young people felt more career savvy and ready to take their next steps after undertaking the LaunchYourCareer VR experience. This led to increased numbers of learners reaching out to colleges and having more meaningful encounters with employers.

With the terms of the Veative Labs agreement coming to a close, the new joint venture will aim to enhance this careers experience to ensure more learners are ready for the world of work. This will empower educators with the right tools and resources to better prepare their learners.  

Emerging as a Global EdTech Leader 

Dev Clever has recently entered a partnership with NISA, India’s largest governing body for budget private educational institutions, in December 2020. The initiative saw Dev Clever’s Launch Your Career (LYC) platform delivering quality career guidance in line with dedicated benchmarks. 

In a statement, Chris Jeffries, Dev Clever CEO, commented “This is a significant milestone and material opportunity to support the career development of millions of young people in India. We are delighted to be working directly in partnership with NISA, the benchmark authority and voice of the expeditiously expanding budget private education sector in India, and Veative, the market-leading provider of online and immersive curriculum-aligned learning content. Together, we are able to deliver this solution at such a scale that it has a real possibility to change the way young people learn and become prepared for the world of work in their future.

The Indian EdTech sector is predicted to grow from $2.8B in 2020 to $10B by 2025 and this partnership enables the company to enter an exciting geography at scale with a strong proposition, a direct route to market and the opportunity to secure a sizable part of this rapidly growing sector.”

In addition to this, Veative Labs CEO, Ankur Aggarwal, stated “We are both excited and humbled to be working with Dev Clever, a market leader in career development, and NISA, a massively influential body working hard to affect real, lasting change in the lives of Indian youths. Our contribution to this endeavour is to add a unique immersive learning element to enable a true understanding of what some career choices entail, plus some real learning in that area of interest.”

The combination of Dev Clever’s acquisition of Veative Labs, and their strategic partnership with NISA, puts the business on a clear roadmap towards becoming a global EdTech leader.

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