Chris Jeffries, joint CEO of Dev Clever, joins panel of experts for Education Committee session

Chris Jeffries


On October 25th, Chris Jeffries, joint CEO of Dev Clever, was invited by the Education Committee as part of a panel of experts to discuss whether young people are getting quality careers advice.

The Education Committee continued its inquiry into careers education, information, advice and guidance. The inquiry aimed to review the current system, with a focus on the quality of service provided to children and young people, including those from disadvantaged or left-behind groups.

A consistent theme throughout the session revolved around whether future funding should be given directly to schools and colleges or allocated to external organisations to deliver careers work. 

“If we attribute the budget directly to the school and the school alone, it will create even more inconsistency in how we deliver the career guidance programs nationally.” 

– Chris Jeffries, joint CEO of Dev Clever.

Katharine Horler, Chair of Careers England, discussed the need to increase funding for careers education in schools. She further stated that schools currently reported spending approximately £2 per pupil on careers.

The work that Dev Clever has done through its Launch Your Career platform and The Inspirational Learning Group has consistently shown the positive effect investment has had on careers education. This benefit extends beyond careers readiness into multiple areas of learning. 

Chris Jeffries further explained to the committee:

“When young people are inspired about and engaged in what it is they’re ultimately working towards, we find their levels of learning, their levels of engagement, their levels of participation all increase. 

“Using technology to create meaningful experiences, to create better actual realities for the rest of their life is where we should be focused.”

“The use of things like virtual reality and digital platforms to give young people that visibility outside of their bubble that they exist in is super inspirational and important.” 

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