Dev Clever Welcomes Findings from the Labour Party’s Council of Skill Advisors

Chris Jeffries


The Labour Party’s Council of Skill Advisors have published a report and package of proposals to “meet both the shorter-term skills gap and the longer-term challenges of major innovative change in the workplace”. 

DEV Clever PLC (DEV) welcomes the report, findings, and recommendations. Whilst there is much more to be done, we are encouraged by the extensive coverage in the report regarding Careers provision and advice across the system, where the report recommends a complete shakeup of the career service, from school through to adult careers guidance:

  • – A trained Careers Leader is embedded in every school, with responsibility for the career guidance programme and supported by, and accountable to, the school leadership team.
  • – A requirement is introduced for all educational institutions to become part of a regional or subregional Careers Hub.
  • – Via Career Hubs, each student is provided with access to a mentor or role model support, engaging further and higher education, and local employers.
  • – A high-quality national all-age career and Information and Guidance (IAG) service is implemented, available in partnership with Job Centre Plus, that provides all young people and adults with opportunities for face-to-face contact with qualified guidance professionals as well as access to online resources.

These recommendations will further support young people and adults in their career choices. At Dev Clever we would go further by also proposing: 

·         More focus on how learners consume information.

·         Embrace technology to support effective careers advice and support. Encourage the role of parents and carers in the careers support infrastructure.

·         The Government to develop a comprehensive careers strategy, aligned to the work of the Business department rather than DFE or DWP to give it focus. 

These are all fundamentally important, especially when considering that we are educating young people for the next 45 years or more of their productive life in the world of work. Just as schools all report on Health and Safety and Safeguarding matters, equal importance should also be placed on Boards of Schools and Trusts to report annually on measurable targets on careers education, information, advice and guidance.

The productivity of our nations is linked to our young talent, both now and in the future. Good quality careers support (and indeed inadequate quality careers support) impacts us individually and our families – often for generations. We, therefore, must place greater focus on this. It is not just about more money, which we know will be difficult for Government over the next few years. It is about using the resources that exist more effectively, embracing technology and ensuring every child receives quality careers support.

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