The Inspirational Learning Group Celebrate ‘YES Project’ Successs

Chris Jeffries


Throughout their involvement with the YES project, TILG have provided young people in the Stoke on Trent area with valuable future careers advice through the platform and virtual reality headsets.  

The six month project, based in Stoke on Trent was celebrated at Staffordshire University on the 20th October, where key partners showcased their offerings and recognised the successes of the project participants.  Dan Mears spoke about the impact of the project on the young people that TILG have worked with and shared the following case study:

“Jade suffers with anxiety and was unsure as to what career path she wanted to pursue.  She wasn’t sure of the opportunities that she had, or how she could access careers support.

She wanted more information and advice of what type of careers were out there that would suit her.  Firstly, she took our personality animal quiz on the VR headsets, which showed her the different careers where she could thrive, based on her personality quiz answers.  She then selected “Gaming Developer”, where she was able to explore this career in further detail.  We talked about different online courses that she could complete from home.  We also gave Jade access to our employability training programme to help her prepare her CV and to be interview ready.  The video-led training meant that Jade could complete in her own time and not become overwhelmed.  

Jade loved finding out more about herself using the personality quiz, discovering her strengths and weaknesses.  The 360 degree videos that Jade accessed via our online platform, enabled her to learn more about her future workplaces and understand what to expect from the recruitment process.  Jade was left with a log in for the platform and access to TILG’s suite of employability training.  We can’t wait to see how Jade progresses with her career journey.

Grace Challinor said, “The YES event was a fantastic celebration of all of the efforts and outcomes that have been delivered to young people in Stoke on Trent through the last six months.  TILG’s work is predominantly within schools and colleges and therefore it has been rewarding to work closely with harder to reach young people within our local community and to inspire them to consider their future opportunities.  The VR headsets were a particular highlight for the young people during the sessions that took place at the YMCA in Hanley and in Job Centres across Stoke on Trent – even the Stoke on Trent Mayor, Faisal Hussain, couldn’t resist taking a look at our career discovery platform using our VR headsets at the event”.

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