China continues to invest big in VR and education

Chris Jeffries


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China recently issued its action plan for virtual reality technology, with the aim to ship over 25 million VR devices by 2026. This, along with other initiatives, is expected to generate £40+ billion in revenue for the Chinese economy.

As well as looking to lead the world in VR hardware research, development and production, the paper accompanying these plans also states the intention to heavily promote and utilise VR technology in education. This includes the use of VR in curricular education, with a view that this will promote student-centric learning, transforming current teaching and learning models.

Deployment of 20,000 VR devices pre-installed with the Dev Clever Group’s Immersive STEM learning library

In December 2021, Dev Clever announced a material contract from Question What’s Real (“QWR”), an Asia-based VR hardware manufacturer and distributor operating on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (“CAS”). The contract is for an initial 20,000 VR devices to be deployed to users in China, pre-installed with the Group’s immersive STEM learning library.

Dev Clever will receive US$150 per device on an annual recurring SaaS subscription basis. Subject to the success of the initial roll-out, there is an option to extend the partnership to include between 15,000 and 30,000 additional devices in 2022. In addition to the immersive STEM-based content, the VR headsets will also incorporate a healthcare app, developed by QWR and CAS, with the objective of reducing myopia through the use of VR.

Chris Jeffries, Joint CEO of Dev Clever:

“As Dev Clever continues its global expansion, with a presence now in North America, India, the UK and the United Arab Emirates, we are very pleased to be adding a partnership in China.”

“China, as one of the largest education markets in the world, has led education VC investment growth over the past five years and we are excited to be working with both CAS and QWR to further education in the sciences. CAS has an outstanding reputation and we are delighted to be partnering with such an esteemed international institution.”

“As the world continues to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing a marked increase in enquiries for our products and services from educational authorities globally. We are excited about the expansion of our pipeline and look forward to growing our presence in China and beyond.”

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