Capital Markets Event Q&A

1How long is your deal with Lenovo for and is it exclusive in any way?
Three-year renewable exclusive contract
2How many Full Time Employees (FTEs) are there in the Group now and how does that compare with FY 2020.
52 including x 3 Exec Directors - this time last year circa 23
3There are so many Indian EdTech Unicorns what makes you believe you can also become one of them?
Launch Your Career’s main USP is that it uses career guidance as an embedded program within schools to align personalised educational content and make it available both online and in the classroom
4Did any of your staff contract COVID and did that impact the business in any way?
1 member of staff contracted COVID, no business impact
5What are you doing with the £18m of net cash? Is it on deposit?
It is currently on deposit and will be deployed in the delivery of our strategy focused on complementary growth opportunities and expanding our end-to-end capabilities
6What are the biggest Weaknesses, Threats and Risks to the business?
The Groups biggest weakness up until now has been not having access to significant funding in order to take advantage of the company’s potential, however with the recent capital investment the company can now aggressively execute the business strategy to achieve its market potential.
7What number and level of distribution agreements do you have in place?
This is competitively sensitive information however we are underpinned with NISA, Veative and Lenovo exclusive agreements
8Will the end of COVID-19 as we know it and the return to schools affect your business forecasts in any way and if so how and why?
With schools re opening we are already seeing an increase in interest and orders for our B2B solution; with new ways of learning we foresee this increasing significantly as schools and students adapt to the new reality of EdTech
9Are there any tactical or strategic acquisitions Dev has in mind?
Dev Clever is in constant contact with new collaborators and content providers globally to advance the product platform and reach
10You have recently raised £22m+ and now have c£18m of net cash is it safe to assume that the Company does not need to raise any more new/primary money?
The company is not currently looking to raise any additional funding
11India is notoriously difficult to extract money from, how will you repatriate funds from there?
The Company has commissioned expert advisors in order to implement the most efficient structure to ensure repatriation of revenue and in the most tax efficient way
12What are the Minimum Service Level Agreements?
Min 12 months; incentivised for 3 years
13What is the Total Addressable Market for Dev Clever in US, Canada, UK and India individually and collectively?
1.6m Schools, servicing over 350m pupils, attracting employers in economies with approximately 80m businesses & recruiters
14Who is the most likely acquiror of the Company and why?
Dev Clever would conceivably offer and provide value to a range of businesses including online course providers, recruitment businesses, and social platforms, however, the Group’s focus is on expanding its user base and premium content services to deliver its overall potential
15When will the Interim results be published? June or July?
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