Redefining the Transition from Education to Work

Chris Jeffries


Members from the DevClever Board attended and sponsored an international conference organised by EDT & Partners at the Dubai International Finance Center on May 26th 2022. 

Hosted by the award-winning speaker and best-selling author, Richard Gerver, the Unlearn/Relearn event was designed to bring key players from corporations, governments, and educational institutions together in order to revolutionise the future world of work.

Commencing with an inspirational keynote speech from Lord Sebastian Coe, a former Olympic athlete and British Member of Parliament, he told the conference that the global education model is ‘broken’ and that it is ‘only not working, it has been broken for 40 years.’

Lord Coe added that young people need to be ‘relentlessly curious’ and for them to be ‘passionate’ about what they want to do and to not let people tell them ‘it’s not possible.’ He also emphasised that AI will have a dramatic impact on society in the next 20 years and we all need to embrace it and consider what it will mean for our future society.

Skills for the Jobs of Tomorrow

Joining a panel that included Lama Gebara, Head of HR at cognizant, Lisa Van Vuuren, Head of Technology, Digital & Transformation at Robert Walters and Wissam Mattout, Senior VP Operations at Damac, DevClever CEO, Chris Jeffries, on behalf of LaunchMyCareer, a product of DevClever PLC discussed the skills required for the jobs of tomorrow. 

Following the conference Chris said, ‘we are delighted to have been able to represent LaunchMyCareer on the International Stage with other forward thinking key players that are determined to revolutionise how we prepare our young people for their future. It is crucial that organisations and governments come together to be able to facilitate the skills development our young people need in order to be the best version of themselves and contribute to closing the growing skills gap that we see across the globe.

The Unlearn/Relearn Commitment

A key objective of the conference was to enable a global movement and for attendees to pledge their support to encourage young people to become the best version of themselves from a young age.

LaunchMyCareer was the first company to join the movement by pledging to send a VR headset to everyschool in Dubai. They have been joined by over 20 other organisations that are determined to change the connections between education, employers and governments, to support young people in making the right choices.

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