Dev Clever’s signs Rahul Dravid as Brand Ambassador

Chris Jeffries


Dev Clever is pleased to announce that its youth-focused career-success platform, LaunchMyCareer has appointed renowned former Captain and now Head Coach of the Indian National Cricket team Rahul Dravid as its official ambassador.

Rahul Dravid, widely considered the greatest batsman in the history of cricket and 2018 ICC Hall of Fame inductee, will feature in LaunchMyCareer’s national TV, radio, outdoor and online launch campaigns.

Rahul Dravid is a national icon in India, where cricket is a national institution with an audience penetration of 83% of consumers supporting the sport; this will directly support LaunchMyCareer to reach its target audience in India, which includes students, family members, educators and other stakeholders interested in the future education and development of young people.

As well as having the extensive reach for such an ambassadorship Rahul Dravid’s experience in the early-stage development of young people through his previous roles such as Head of Cricket at the National Cricket Academy, an organisation dedicated to the development of young and talented cricketers, makes this a synergistic partnership.

LaunchMyCareer is a youth-centric careers guidance platform that prepares students to succeed and thrive in the workplace of tomorrow by offering students an immersive and interactive experience with features such as VR videos, VR learning, a career discovery portal, one-to-one career counselling and much more.

The platform was fully launched in January of this year in India and can be accessed online by visiting The core offering can be enhanced through premium subscription options, giving users access to additional live career guidance delivered online by professionals, connected learning packages, including the business’ proprietary library – the largest collection of immersive STEM learning and interactive English language learning courses.

On this partnership, Rahul Dravid, official Brand Ambassador for LaunchMyCareer stated:

“I am glad to be a part of such an amazing venture. Kids these days are already looking to experiment with their choices while searching for what more they can accomplish. I wish LaunchMyCareer all the best and I am positive it will add value to India’s growing student fraternity.”

Commenting on the launch, Ankur Aggarwal, Joint CEO of Dev Clever, said:

“We are thrilled and honoured to collaborate with one of India’s most iconic sportspersons and celebrities, Mr. Rahul Dravid. We are looking forward to achieving bigger and greater things this year, and no one could have been a better ambassador or growth partner for us.”

“Mr. Dravid is not just a fabulous cricketer, but also a great coach. He has always taken a special interest in mentoring and nurturing young cricketers from all walks of life. Having such a towering coaching personality on board is a matter of great pride for us. It will further motivate us in our mission to guide and mentor students in the right direction to help them realize their true potential.”

Chris Jeffries, Joint Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman, adding:

“Sports teams have always been a great example of how supporting young people from a young age alongside their formal education to develop the skills needed to succeed in their future careers creates the stars of the future. Cricket is a national institution in India attracting 93% of all sports viewing in the country. We believe the endorsement provided by the association of Mr Dravid within our marketing campaigns will create a material impact to user uptake on our national launch.”

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