LaunchMyCareer Unveils Career Success Membership Program (CSMP) at DIDAC, Asia’s Largest Edtech Event

Chris Jeffries


Dev Clever are proud to announce that LaunchMyCareer will unveil its Career Success Membership Program for schools at DIDAC, Asia’s largest education marketing conference and exhibition. 

The 12th edition of DIDAC-India is an annual event that showcases the latest resources, training and technology in the education industry. Running from September 21st to 23rd, 2022, this three-day event will host key discussions around reshaping the career guidance process by enabling educational institutions to keep up with rapid advancements in the world of careers. 

At the event, LaunchMyCareer will make two major new announcements: the launch of the Career Success Membership Program and the CSMP card. In addition to this, LaunchMyCareer experts and career counsellors will participate in workshops, panel discussions, and talks focused on career guidance and the need to address the growing skills gap. 

The Career Success Membership Program

Ankur Aggarwal, Co-founder and Managing Director of LaunchMyCareer, will unveil the Career Success Membership Program in front of educational leaders and national change-makers. He will use this significant platform to discuss how the program provides a unique, tech-driven career guidance roadmap, seamlessly weaving career readiness into the educational framework.

LaunchMyCareer’s Career Success Membership Program is an online subscription that gives students detailed and mapped career counselling sessions with a qualified International Career Success Coach. These sessions involve an analysis of a student’s personality, skills and goals, mapping these and developing a career success plan. 

The LaunchMyCareer platform has already seen over 5000 subscriptions, enabling thousands of learners to reap the benefits of career discovery through immersive technology such as VR and an exhaustive database of careers.

The CSMP Membership Card

In addition to this announcement, LaunchMyCareer will also announce an innovative way of activating career success membership with the CSMP card. Through the CSMP membership card, learners receive live counselling assistance, have unlimited access to careers databases and exclusive access to the world’s first career metaverse. 

“We are thrilled to see the response to our CSMP card at DIDAC – a conglomeration of the country’s finest educational frontrunners. We couldn’t have asked for a better launch pad than this. In today’s day and age, the world of careers is witnessing enormous changes. Institutions, educators, counsellors, and thought leaders must come together to work toward providing ample opportunities for learners to prepare well for the world of work. With the launch of the CSMP card, we are one step closer to strengthening this vision and helping our children become future-ready.” – Ankur Aggarwal, Co-founder and Managing Director of LaunchMyCareer.

About LaunchMyCareer

LaunchMyCareer is a unique career success platform that guides young learners on the path to self-discovery, which leads them toward career success. LaunchMyCareer helps young learners discover their interests, identify their potential, learn workplace readiness skills, and apply them in real life through a one-of-a-kind, gamified career guidance solution. Backed by a successful international presence in the UK, USA, and Canada, LaunchMyCareer is rolling out in India to connect Indian youth with a dynamic careers landscape through the guided process of Self-Discovery, Live Counselling, Career Discovery in Virtual Reality, and Study Abroad guidance. 

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